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Will Liquor Laws Change?

At the latest City Council meeting, the group discussed several changes to the ways liquor is served in town.

Two ordinances were on the table: the first would change the Naperville Municipal Code to allow for Sunday liquor sales and service after 7 a.m., and would eliminate the full meal requirement to accompany liquor sales – something not all council members were on board with.

“It seems to me that there should be some middle ground between a requirement of what we call a full menu and an operational kitchen and food service available- just coming from my perspective food service available could mean a vending machine with pretzels and Doritos,” said Councilwoman Rebecca Boyd-Obarski.

The other would remove liquor confinement restrictions in stores, allowing for more cross marketing between alcohol and food.

Both topics will come back to the council at the next meeting.

But council was ready to act on a story we brought you about a month ago. They unanimously approved an ordinance to change zoning codes to allow special needs families to create a separate living space associated with their single family home.

The move came after a local family, the Koupals, requested a change, wanting to give their adult son more independence.

As part of new business, Councilman Gallaher wanted to see how the ordinance could be expanded to other special needs groups.

Also at the meeting, Council discussed the possibility of beginning to charge fees to rent rooms in the Municipal Center, which could generate $38,000 and help make a dent in the budget shortfall.

Naperville News 17’s Alyssa Bochenek reports.


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