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When and Where to Serve Liquor

At the latest city council meeting, liquor was the hot topic of the night, as council weighed in on two ordinances that would change the way alcohol is sold in stores and served to customers throughout Naperville.

Through a 7-2 vote, council approved making Sunday liquor service hours consistent with the rest of the week-beginning at 7 a.m. as long as a full meal is served.

Another topic before the board would eliminate liquor display confinement restrictions and allow beer and wine displays throughout stores as a cross marketing tool, instead of being confined to a liquor department.

However, because of the message it might send to youth, some council members weren’t ready to act.

“We are a kid friendly community, that’s our accolades, that’s what people come to this community for and in this respect when it come to alcohol and a parent’s choice, I think it should be left that way, there should be a separation between food and alcohol,” said Patricia Gustin, Councilwoman for the City of Naperville.

The topic will be brought back at their next meeting on November 3rd.

And finally council voted 6-3 to charge usage fees for rooms in the municipal center, which were previously free. The charges will range from $30-60 for meeting rooms A, B and the lunchroom despite some council members concerns.

“The residents pay for this facility, they own the mortgage, and now we’re going to charge them to use them…that is wrong to me, that is wrong,” said John Krummen, Councilman for the City of Naperville.

Naperville News 17’s Alyssa Bochenek Reports.



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