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Veronica Roth Visits Naperville

Veronica Roth, best known for her Divergent series, was at the school, discussing her journey to become a writer and getting her first book published.

“Divergent was the book I wrote after 35 rejections on my other manuscript. In fact, it’s the book I wrote while all those rejections were coming in. So I would sit down at my computer to write, I would open my inbox to check my email, I would get rejected, I would close my inbox and I would work on Divergent. That’s not because I’m just so determined, it’s because I just love writing more than I hate failure,” said Roth.

Students at the school were all dressed according to their assigned Faction, or social group, which is a central plotline of the books and movies.

There was also a question and answer portion, when Roth gave advice to the students on finding what they are passionate about.

“She talked a lot about failure and because she liked what she was doing so much with writing, she decided to pursue that instead of listening to the people who told her she would fail,” said Stephanie P., an 8th grader at Gregory.

The Divergent books have been made into several high-grossing movies.

 Roth is currently working on an untitled book that is due out next year.

Naperville News 17’s Evan Summers reports.


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