Using the Power of the Wind

A local business is has put a new spin on how it does business. Brighton carwash and detail center finally put up its wind turbine, a project 2 years in the making. Crews with Conley steel and Sullivan Energy Group spent several hours putting the finishing touches on its 1,000 pound, 32-foot tall wind turbine.

“It’s been a long road. I remember first meeting Jason over a year ago,” said Lilly Sullivan, President of Sullivan Energy. “So this exciting and I’m very happy for him.”

“With the windier days, it’ll offset the power that we need to get from the city grid to power the pumps and the motors and things like that,” said Jason Morin, Brighton’s owner.

To track just how well it’s working, the turbine is hooked up to an anemometer on the roof. It measures data such as rainfall and wind velocity. That data should mean about $500 in annual savings on the electric bill, if not more. Morin says the installation comes just in time for the car wash’s busiest time of year.

“With the added salt or cinders that are added to keep people from sliding on the road or the black ice, the reason it is busier is people don’t have the ability to wash their cars in the driveway,” said Morin. “They need some place that heats the water.”
Morin hopes above all that the turbine demonstrates what’s possible in the way of green energy.

There are many technologies out there – we don’t need to be tied down to the city grid Nicor gas, things like that – there are plenty of other alternative ways to make energy & we should start exploring that.

Morin says it doesn’t stop here. He wants to add photo solar panels that generate electricity along with the turbine sometime in the near future.


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