Unconventional Methods

I am a chronic headache sufferer, and when I heard that acupuncture could help treat my pain I called up Brian Musial at Acupuncture INC in Naperville to learn more.

Brian informed me there are two ways acupuncture works. First, it works on the physical level. Inserting the needle into specific points on the body helps to relieve different aliments. It also works with the body’s energy systems to find balance.

I, like many people, hate needles. I’m actually scared of them. So I wanted to know if it would hurt. “That’s the first question I get of course. It’s not painful. The needles are very tiny, very thin. It’s very safe,” says Musial.

So after explaining everything to me I got up on the table for my first treatment. When the needles went in I felt an energy that was hard to explain, but it felt like a rush of blood to where the needle was inserted. Brian says that is acupuncture working, “it’s putting more blood right to that area. Kind of telling your body, hey pay attention we have some issues here. We need to look.”

I had eight needles inserted total: two in my feet, two in my ankles, two in my forearms, two in my hands, and two in my ears. During treatment Brian explained that acupuncture is a holistic approach to treating health problems. In addition to treatments, patients also look at their diet and stress levels to help alleviate their problems.

After my first treatment I can definitely say there is nothing to be scared of. The needles used for this ancient Chinese medicine are not needles as we’re used to them. It doesn’t hurt and you can’t even feel them in you.

All acupuncturists have to pass state boards to be licensed by the state of Illinois.


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