Park District events available with WotNow

The Naperville Park District has a new way for residents to keep up with all of their events and activities.

They’ve teamed up with the founders of WotNow, a mobile calendar app that automatically updates events going on around the community right to your smart phone.

“I think that WotNow gives residents the ability to really look at events throughout the community on a consolidated basis, there’s so much that goes on in Naperville, so many great and fun things that go on and families are busy, so WotNow enables residents to keep all of those events in one place,” said Sameera Luthman, Director of Marketing and Communications with the Naperville Park District.

As part of the roll out, the Park District will be giving away five paddle boat passes to select individuals who track their events during the second half of August. WotNow will also give away one Fitbit to a user who downloads the app and tracks the Park District between September 1-13th.

Back in November we introduced you to WotNow when it emerged as an app for Apple phones.

Now the app is ready for download at the Apple store and the Google Play Store for your smart phone – free of charge.


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