August 15, 2014

Mental Health

Whether you witnessed his introduction to the world on Happy Days. Or grew up watching his movies, Robin Williams’ talent touched us all.

What we didn’t see was his behind the scenes struggle with substance and alcohol abuse, and his mental health.

The star’s tragic death has shined a light on the traditionally taboo topics of depression and suicide.

“Instead of making it something scary we have to look around and realize that this is something that can happen to any single one of us. When something like this happens to someone we care about and respect even if it’s a celebrity we need to take this opportunity to see how can we prevent suicide, how can we treat depression, it is treatable,” said Chief Nursing Officer and Linden Oaks, Trish Jones – Bendel.

One in four people suffer from depression. Symptoms include the inability to experience joy, to hopelessness as well as a constant feeling of isolation.

“People need to know that people notice them and are caring for them because sometimes when you’re feeling really, really, bad you can feel invisible and like no one around you really cares and so we have to let people know that we care about them, and we notice,” said Bendel.

When left untreated, cases of depression can lead to thoughts of suicide. If your loved one is suffering from the illness, things to watch for are changes in attitude and behavior, withdrawal from activities and other people, and talking about taking their own life.

“The first thing, if someone is really suicidal you want to get them help, you don’t want to try and talk them out of it or think or maybe they are just saying that. A lot of times we think that if someone talks about taking their own life they wont do it. Those are all kind of old wives tales – if someone is talking about it you should get them help,” said Bendel.

If you or a loved one are suffering from depression or having suicidal thoughts, reach out to your local hospital for resources or call the Suicide Prevention Hotline at 1 (800) 273-8255.

Linden Oaks also offers a confidential free online survey to those who may be suffering from depression reach out to and click depression aware.


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