February 5, 2010

Husky Heroes

Even in these frigid temperatures, one organization set out to have a dog-gone good time. Adopt A Husky brought their furry friends to Morton Arboretum for some fun and to introduce the dogs to potential new parents.

“I was feeling like pretty excited to see sled dogs running around and see them pulling people,” said spectator Michael Levitas, from Evanston, IL.

Naperville resident Annie Sweeton agrees. “I thought it was very cool that all the huskies came because I never really saw any that worked somewhere,” she added. With the economy going downhill, more dogs hunger for a family to take care of them.

“A lot of households have fallen in hard times with the economy and had to give their pets up,” said President of Adopt A Husky, Michael Dagley. “We’re trying to actually find homes for them so they don’t have to be euthanized.” Carol Stream residents Cheryl and Chuck Kapes adopted a husky from the DuPage Animal Shelter. They say Huskies make great pets.

“We’ve been very pleased with the adoption. [We’d] probably do it again if we had more room,” said Cheryl. Volunteers with Adopt A Husky say they rescue more than 100 dogs each year.
If you want to be a hero to these dogs, you can go to www.adoptahusky.com to bring a husky into your home.

Noel Dagley, Treasurer of Adopt a Husky said, “We have a lot of great dogs that are up for adoption looking for a permanent home.” “There’s just something inately about them that just melts your heart,” said Todd Ruppenthal, Volunteer for Adopt a Husky.


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