Coyotes in Town

With coyote sightings all around town, the phone lines at the city’s Animal Control Center have been kept busy with concerned citizens wondering if they have reason to worry.

Sue Sturgeon, Animal Control Assistant, says that coyotes pose no threat to humans and your best bet is to just let them be; unless, they’re hanging around your backyard.

“They need to understand that being around people is not safe for them and it’s not safe for us. We don’t want coyotes living underneath our garages and people saying come on I’ll feed you, you don’t really want that because they do get too close and whenever there is an incident of coyotes aggression on humans, which luckily doesn’t happen around us, generally it stems back from people feeding them,” said Sturgeon.

These wild animals are mostly on the hunt for rodents, rabbits and deer, but in some cases, they will go after a small dog.

“We always recommend people if you have dogs, even if you’re in a fenced backyard, you want to be with them at night time when it’s dark out, you want to be sure that you’re not letting a small dog outside at night unattended,” said Sturgeon.

Coyotes are naturally timid, so if you do happen to come across one, don’t run, but instead stomp your feet and yell at them to get away.


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