October 31, 2014

Candidates for District 11

Current State Representative, Darlene Senger, thinks it’s time for a change in D.C. and wants to do something about it, by upgrading her status to U.S. Representative for the 11th District.

“I have become frustrated by what I see going on in Washington, we are really not getting anything done. Particularly in the state of Illinois, we are nowhere near where we should be, especially in terms of jobs and jobs with opportunity and it wasn’t always like this. I’ve been front and center on some of the major reform bills in Springfield and sit at the table and get work done, and threw my hat in to do the same,” said Republican Candidate Darlene Senger.

While Senger anticipates her fresh perspective on the important issues will help her in the election, democratic incumbent, Bill Foster has a different take.

“It’s important to have experience and important to have a track record that voters can look at. I was on the financial services committee both during the financial collapse and the regulatory response that followed and so when it was time to take all of the precautions we had to take to keep the economy from collapsing I was very involved in those and afterwards I was very involved in the legislation to make sure it didn’t happen again,” said Democratic Candidate, Bill Foster.

Both candidates agree, Illinois needs economic reform but have different plans to help.

“One of the things we can do is balance budget, Washington, much like the state of Illinois has been spending more than it’s brought in since 08 and that’s dragging everything. Businesses don’t know what to do next, Obamacare has created a lot of uncertainty on our businesses in regards to the employer mandate. Simply looking at regulations that are slowing things down and thinking about things like workers comp and reform, there is a lot we can do,” said Senger.

“My opponent and I differ on things like minimum wage which I am a strong proponent of raising and signed legislation to raise it nationally to $10.10 an hour. My opponent in the republican primary called that a job killer. As a scientist, I tend to look at the facts here and earlier this year 13 states in our nation raised the minimum wage and those states have seen stronger job growth, than the states that did not. That’s the evidence I look for to sign policy,” said Foster.

Each day of campaigning narrows the gap between these two candidates, making this race too close to call.

“Foster is the incumbent and it is a largely democratic district so he is, from my understanding in the leads as far as some of the polls but Darlene has gotten within the margin of error so I think it’ll be fairly close. Its all going to be on the turnout,” said NCTV17 Political Commentator, Kenn Miller


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