The Debate Continues

The debate continues as both sides presented their arguments in front of the Naperville Municipal Officers Electoral Board on Tuesday, January 10th marking the fourth day of continued hearings.

It began when the Naperville Smart Meter Awareness group filed a petition in November with more than 4,000 signatures to have this question appear:

“Shall the City of Naperville Immediately and Permanently Stop the Implementation of the $22 Million Smart Meter Project and Dismantle All Related Equipment?”

Then Naperville resident Bill Dawe filed an objection to the referendum in December citing four violations. He claims, first, the question on the ballot is really two questions; second, there are an insufficient number of valid signatures; third several petitions were improperly notarized; and finally, that the residences on some forms were altered.

For the past week, the board has been listening to both sides to determine whether or not the question on the ballot is valid. Today Dawe’s attorney, Kevin McQuillan, withdrew one objection and the board struck two others.

“I would like to make a motion to strike and dismiss objection one and objection four since we’re focusing on the signatures, which is the basis we should have done in the beginning,” said Doug Krause, Councilman of the City of Naperville.

McQuillan submitted Will and DuPage County voter registrations as evidence and says that if the board looks over those forms, they’ll see that there are more than 500 people who do not have voter cards.

“At this time there are no material questions of fact,” said McQuillan. “It’s been certified too by the clerks of both election commissions. There is nothing that the proponents can put on in their case.”

But the Smart Meter Awareness group’s attorney, Doug Ibendahl, disagreed.

“This is a comedy of errors and it keeps getting worse and it amazes me that the objector is being allowed to even suggest that, based on his bad acts that, ‘ok, we’re done,’” said Ibendahl.

Ibendahl asked the board to allow him to file a written response before they make a judgment. They will reconvene on Thursday, January 12th.


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