The Business of Superheroes

From The Avengers movie, to the new Batman series and even the locally shot Man of Steel, superheroes are everywhere.

“Studios are playing it very safe lately, so it depends if they feel strongly enough about a superhero to ride that wave,” says Owner of Hollywood Palms and Hollywood Boulevard Theaters, Ted Bulthap.

The films have done increasingly well at the box office, studios show no signs of slowing down. More than ten new superhero movies will fly into theaters within the next two years.

“Marvel teamed up with Disney, and their catalogue of superheroes and thought we can make movies with this and make a lot money, if they don’t overdo it which has happened before,” said Bulthap. “But Batman and Superman have really proven there are legs to these things not only now, but to re make them all in the future.”

Aside from the billion-dollar movie industry, superheroes have always been a fixture for comic book fans.

“The fascination, with me is probably, its something bigger and better than yourself. They are usually good, you know everyone likes Batman, because he’s a real person but has higher moral ethics than anyone else,” said Mike Wall, Manager of Graham Cracker Comics.

The new movies also bring in new readers.

“There is an increase when the movies come out because kids have just seen iron man or Thor just came out and they want to know more about the character,” said Wall.

However for others the fascination with heroes is in the family.

“I think it’s more handed down, a father read comics growing up and so he thinks you know I’ll start my boy on it. I have a lot of dads who tell me they need to screen the comic before their kid reads it and its like yeah right, you just want to read it,” said Wall.

Next year’s Batman vs. Superman could kick off a new trend for superhero movies, combining story lines. What do you think of this new trend? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter at NCTV17.


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