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Ten Drops Coffee

Whether you prefer a pour over, espresso or something a little more involved, Ten Drops Coffee has got the cup for you.

“We are the only third wave coffee shop and roaster in Will County. Which is very surprising to us that in a county full of 600,000 people that nobody roasts their own coffee,” said Aaron Swiercz, Co-Owner of Ten Drops Coffee.

Owned by five friends and located over the Naperville border in Plainfield, Ten Drops roasts all their beans in house – a process they demonstrated for us.

Swiercz explains, “It starts life as green coffee. Once you bring it in, you drop it into the center drum, and then the center drum is sitting at a temperature, usually resting at about 400 degrees. It’s actually what we call right now the soak. And they’re just rotating around in there, in the drum, and it’s basically like a giant popcorn popper.”

He continues, “we’re removing all the moisture from the inside of the green bean, so during this part of the process, essentially you’re at the mercy of time. You’re just waiting for the coffee to do what it has to do on its own. Once the coffee hits dry end, that’s when you start developing your flavors.”

As the beans finish he adds, “and that is a batch of coffee.”

From here, each batch is hand bagged and sealed within a day, ensuring maximum freshness. And only the best beans will do for these coffee aficionados.

“We want the absolute best of the best. We’re dealing with such small numbers right now that we can actually get away with doing that. And you know maybe it’s a little bit more expensive than some other coffee, but hopefully after you taste the first cup of it you understand why,” said Swiercz.

To get that cup, you might have to wait a few minutes, as there is no drip coffee in sight, but they promise it’ll be worth it.

“The brewing process takes time,” explains Swiercz, “so when it takes a little bit longer for us, you know we’re building the love into it. There’s a lot of science and a lot of nerd-dom that went into the coffee we offer and the reasons that we want to do the things we do.”

With both drinks and beans for sale, Ten Drops hopes this is just the first step in their quest to make the perfect cup of coffee.

Swiercz adds, “Coffee is something that can be enjoyed by everybody, you don’t have to be over 21 to drink coffee. So you know come on in and try it out and if you end up liking it you like it. It’s just fantastic.”

Serving up their passion, one drop at a time.

Ten Drops Coffee Lab is open from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m., Tuesday through Sunday.

Naperville News 17’s Evan Summers reports.



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