Teddy Bears get Tuned Up at Fix-It Clinic

Some unconventional patients stopped by the “hospital” for a check up.

From bears to unicorns, stuffed animals of all sorts got to come to the Naperville Public Library’s Fix-It Clinic for a special doctor’s visit.

“The doctor got to stitch her back and I got to put a band aid on her ear and then she got a band aid here [on her back],” explained five-year-old Zoe who participated in the clinic.

Some animals in need of a little help like Zoe’s got some stitching or extra fluff after their check up from the library’s “doctor.”

It was all to give kids a better sense of what a doctor’s visit entails and to get them more comfortable with the idea.

The library is holding two more Fix-It Clinics on May 11 and May 16. Don’t forget to bring your own teddy bears and stuffed friends with you.

Naperville News 17’s Christine Lena reports.


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