Tax Day Marches Through Naperville

April 15, 2017
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Today, Naperville joined over 150 cities nationwide and worldwide, for a Tax Day March.

Over 500 people came out to the Free Speech Pavilion to demand President Donald Trump release his tax returns.

“We’re all out here today for just one reason, we need transparency and honesty from our current president,” said Dianne McGuire, a co-founder of Naperville Indivisible.

“We just think it’s more than past time for him to release his tax returns. And I’m just so happy to see all these lovely people here today,” said Julia Beckman, a member of Naperville Indivisible.

At the rally, organizers were joined by special guest speakers Congressman Bill Foster and Anderson’s Bookshop owner Becky Anderson.

And from a rally to a march, protesters walked five blocks around the Riverwalk area, waving signs and cheering.

“I think rallies work, and I think it’s actually amazing what a small protest can do,” said attendee Fred Greenwood. “It generates people and it gets people thinking about what they are and what they can do as far as an American citizen. We want to exercise our rights and right now they could be getting trumped on.”

The march was hosted and organized by Naperville Women’s March Action and it was sponsored in part by Indivisible Naperville.

“I feel proud that so many people care so much and that this was very grass-roots. This was our first march that we’ve ever organized and this many people showed up so that really shows that people care about trump’s taxes, they care about all of these other things beyond trump’s taxes, that we also care about, and we’re not going to allow the fact that we have multiple agendas to divide us, that’s something that unites us,” said Anne Stava-Murray, a co-organizer of the Tax Day March in Naperville and an administrator of Naperville Women’s March Action.

Naperville News 17’s Christine Lena reports.