Support Our Troops America Comes to Cantigny Park

Nearly 11,000 people gathered at Cantigny Park in Wheaton to enjoy food and live music at the seventh annual Rockin’ the for Troops.

Operation Support Our Troops – America, hosts the event every year, and its just one more way the not-for-profit offers comfort and education to military families.

Proceeds help many of their programs including sending care packages to active duty service men and women, veterans, and their families.

“We send packages to the troops, and each package is $25 and each mission is $25 and that goes towards sending packages to the troops,” said Donna Digiovanni of Burr Ridge.

“We have become closer to families that have sons in the military and that have lost sons in the military and we figured it was a great way to show our support for them,” said Nan Letizia, Elmhurst resident.

Actor Gary Sinise and his Lt. Dan Band joined the support and headlined the all day concert event to a sold-out crowd.

This is the band’s 11th event this summer supporting our troops.

Vietnam Veteran, Bob, says, “He’s a big movie star, he doesn’t need to be doing this, but he does it out of the love of his heart, and that is what a lot of people like about him.”

The event has raised more than $2 million since it’s launch in 2003, and more than 35,000 care packages have been sent to date.


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