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Storytelling Robots

These robots can walk, talk and even change colors, but the real trick is when they tell you a story. That’s thanks to their programming by students in the Champions after school robotics class at Beebe.

“I learned about how the robots work and the programming, how to program it,” said Sofia, a fourth grader at Beebe Elementary School.

“My favorite motion was to make them stand up because when they stand up they can do a lot more motions and like waving,” said Garrett, third grader at Beebe Elementary School.

Throughout the five week course, students studied robotics basics, while incorporating other areas of education.

“They make their own story, they come up with off the top of their head, it’s basically creative writing, they also have math, science and all the STEM curriculum that goes along with robotics,” said Kendra Onorato, Robotics Teacher with Champions.

Starting from a basic template, students programmed their storytelling robots from scratch, choosing every motion, sound effect and eye color change.

And practice makes perfect, as the students carefully reviewed their work before saving their final product.

Onorato explains, “It does get pretty complex at times, but the kids are handling it just fine.”

At the end of the course, students and their robots will present their stories to family and friends

Naperville News 17’s Evan Summers reports.


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