November 6, 2016

Stories Under the Hobson Oak

The historic Hobson Oak tree rooted near the intersection of Hobson and Greene Roads was celebrated and honored for its last time today.

Residents told their stories, said their goodbyes and fell in love with its beauty for the very last time.

“Every time I see it what amazes me is its reach, its like it has all these arms reaching out to heaven, it’s just beautiful they’re kind of gnarly and it’s kind of curved, honestly it’s a work of art and I think of that every time I see it,” said Helene Lamarre, neighbor of the Hobson Oak. “It’s been the way of life for people who live and travel in the area so it’s going to be very hard to see it gone.”

Arborists recommended its removal now that the limbs are dying and the trunk is decaying.

The remains will be repurposed into furniture, decorative pieces and jewelry and its acorns will be germinated and later sold as saplings.

For a full history of the Hobson Oak, tune in to this month’s 630.


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