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Stories in Stone

On a chilly fall afternoon, visitors of the historic Naperville Cemetery were greeted by residents of the past telling stories from the stones beneath them.

“By the time I turned 18 it was the year of 1776 and things have changed in the colony, and we were now fighting a war not with Britain, but against them,” said actor Ron Feldman portraying John Dudley.

Stories of this local Revolutionary War Veteran and other historic figures were able to come to life at Naper Settlement’s Stories in Stone event.

“When you come here and you actually see somebody portraying these people, you kind of get an idea of oh my gosh look at everything they went thru to build everything that we have here today it’s a huge city has come about from these small pioneer farms,” said Casey Carroll museum educator of Naper Settlement.

Guests walked down memory lane as they heard the first hand accounts of teacher and librarian Hannah Ditzler Alspaugh.

“It was to recognize women for all their accomplishments for the first time ever, women had designed the building, women had designed all the displays, women were supervising the building, women, women, women, it was wonderful,” said actor Eve Hushek portraying Hannah Ditzler Alspaugh.

Other Naperville notables showed up including: Clarissa Hobson, the first woman in DuPage County who shared her story of the Blackhawk War, Abbie Matter Givler, wife of Civil War veteran and owner of the Naperville Clarion Newspaper, David Givler, and a Woman in Mourning.

Each of the eight actors were volunteers all hoping to bring a unique connection to the past.

“That’s you know all about the mission you know bringing the history of Naperville to the people so it’s a little bit different when you have someone speaking in first person as you know the character themselves,” said Carroll.



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