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Steer Clear of the Geese

Naperville Animal Control has received several calls about aggressive geese roaming around town.

That’s because it’s nesting season and the geese are preparing areas to lay their eggs; which means they may become defensive if you come too close.

“Carry something with you, whether an umbrella, a book-bag, something to put between you and that goose. But if you actually just ignore them they’re going to come up and act like jerks to you, but if you keep on walking they’re going to realize people are not too much of a threat,” said Christine Maybach, Animal Control Officer with the Naperville Police Department.

To prevent nesting you can put a physical deterrent in your lawn. Sprinkling grape Kool-Aid over the grass will irritate geese’s feet and help control the population.

If the geese have already made your lawn home, you can remove their nest only if there aren’t eggs present; otherwise it is illegal to touch the nest.

Naperville News 17’s Alyssa Bochenek reports.


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