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State Leaves Question Marks in District 204’s Budget Forecast

At its latest meeting, District 204 looked at its budget forecast.

While the state’s new evidence-based funding formula will likely increase District’s 204 share – it’s still unclear exactly what the amount will be.

And the district will only be funded at approximately 80% of what the evidence-based funding model says is “adequate.”

“We do better than we would have under the old formula. Does it bring us on par with our comparable districts? No, not even close,” said Jay Strang, Chief School Business Official of District 204.

District 204 is currently $5.8 million short in unpaid categoricals from the state – money that is supposed to help cover the cost of special education and transportation.

While state funding remains a question mark, local revenue looks better. Thanks to the growing economy, the district sees a little more tax revenue every year while residents see a tax rate decrease.

The Engage 204 session on March 20 will focus on the budget.

Naperville News 17’s Blane Erwin reports.


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