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St. John’s Naperville Farmer’s Market

Naperville is home to two wonderful farmer’s markets recently, St. Johns kicked off their Wednesday evening series.

Farm fresh fruits and vegetables, homemade sweet treats and all natural beauty products can all be found at the market.

Every Wednesday nearly 20 vendors come out to the parking lot at the church and set up shop from 3-7p.m.

“This started four years ago when the outreach board of the church was looking for another way to involve people and make a little more money for charity and a Farmer’s Market was good so we started it,” said Bernie Harper, Marketing Manager of St. John’s Farmers Market.

New this year, the Naperville Library is hosting crafts for the little ones to make while the adults shop!

The St. John’s Farmers Market runs until September 21.

Naperville News 17’s Natalie Vitale reports.


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