Spring Puppies

Bringing home a puppy can be a rewarding treat for a family, but how do you find the right pet for your crew?

At Naperville’s A.D.O.P.T., that process starts with a trip to the shelter during adoption hours, followed by an application process.

After that, things get a little more personal, meeting with an adoption counselor.

“The counselor discusses their lifestyle, what kind of home they live in, who lives in the home with them – do they have small children or other pets? Then what kind of animal they are looking for what do they want to do with the dog or cat they bring home? Then we kind of play matchmaker a little bit,” said Manager at the Naperville A.D.O.P.T Shelter, Emma Hairroll.

Another factor to consider, cost, according to pet finder, dogs can cost any where from 700 dollars to 10 grand a year.

After you’ve made the decision to adopt, it’s important to look at each animal individually.

“What you find is dogs have their own personalities, especially dogs in a shelter environment, they usually are a mix of a bunch of different things and they just happen to look like one kind of breed or one kind of mix. So we really try to steer people away from looking at one type of breed to determine if an animal is right for them and really talk to the counselors about that specific dog’s personality,” said Hairroll.

And once you’re matched up with your perfect pooch, it’s time to bring them home! But make sure you’re prepared.

The shelter recommends finding a “puppy proof” place in your home to house train your new addition.

And when those accidents do happen it’s important not to scare the animal but show them the correct behavior using positive reinforcement.

“You go outside, on leash, to the same 10 x 10 area, wait for them to potty then give them a treat. Once they go, give them a treat and say good girl two or three times and play with them so they know being outside is wonderful and reinforcing,” said Trainer with the shelter

Trainers recommend treating every dog like a puppy when first bringing them home and training them – stick to a schedule, and slowly introduce them to their new home.


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