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Spring Home Maintenance

With the warmer temperatures comes the perfect time to get outside and do some maintenance on your home.

Upkeep on your home can be broken down into three major things to ensure everything works properly.

First, clean debris out from any equipment out doors than could hinder the way it works.

“Make sure that during the winter storms, although we’ve had a pretty mild winter, debris hasn’t built up around your air conditioning unit so that it causes a problem where it freezes up. Also gutters are a big one, we get a lot of people calling because of water in the basement. It’s more than likely leaves in your gutters from over the winter time,” said Steve Brockman, Owner of Expert Plumbing Heating and Electric.

Next, for those that protect their sub-pumps when temperatures drop, don’t forget to remove the back tubing once spring rolls around.

“They freeze and fill with ice, then the sump pump will actually burn out on the impellor, and even though the pump is running no water is coming out of the hose. So people forget to remove these in the spring time, they are supposed too, and that ice will burn out your pump so you want to make sure your pump is pumping water outside before the spring rain comes,” said Brockman.

Finally, check that hose connections are intact and haven’t cracked in the cold.

“The way this works is it shuts off all the way back here and what happens over the winter if you turned it off or left your hose on to build a snow fort – this fills with ice and it splits and causes leaks,” Brockman said.

Homeowners should also check the outside foundation of their homes for rodent holes.

Naperville News 17’s Natalie Vitale Reports.


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