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Spirits of the Season

General Manager of Sullivan’s Steakhouse Chris Pieters took us through three drinks topping his holiday menu.

First up the “Milk and Cookies,” a drink similar to a White Russian with a taste of your childhood. For this drink start from the top, line your glass with some of your favorite cookie crumble: then add the alcohol.

“Start with Stoli Vanilla, about an ounce of that and then where would you be at Christmas with out Kahlua? About an ounce of that as well. And then just to keep it in line of the White Russian we’re going to add some half and half,” said Pieters.

To finish off, top with a splash of Baileys, shake and pour over ice.

For the next one, Naperville News 17’s Alyssa Bochenek took a turn to see just how easy they are to make.

Chris walked me through the “Kahlua Caramel Cocoa” drink.

“First we’re going to pour a little bit of Kahlua in there, really it’s about an inch, and if you don’t know it’s just more fun,” said Pieters.

Next, pour your basic hot cocoa mix in, leaving about an inch of space at the brim for a topping of marshmallows.

“Add those all over the top, get a big pile on there,” said Pieters.

Then, drizzle with caramel, or chocolate sauce, your choice!

And the taste sure to please anyone with a sweet tooth!

And when your holiday celebrations include New Year’s fun- there’s a drink for that as well.

The “Sorbet Sparkler” starts with your favorite sorbet on the bottom of a champagne flute glass.

Top that with about two ounces of Limoncello that will mix with the sorbet.

“It gives it a nice fruity flavor, kind of kicks it up a notch and helps it get a nice frothy foaminess with the sorbet and the sparkling wine,” said Pieters.

Chris used Brut Champagne but you can use any champagne or Prosecco.

“It’s a perfect little cocktail for New Year’s Eve, it takes Champagne and brings it to a whole new level,” said Pieters.

Now you have three go-to recipes sure to add some spirit to your holiday gatherings.

But if you’d rather treat yourself, all of these drinks can be found on the seasonal menu at Sullivans Steakhouse.

Naperville News 17’s Alyssa Bochenek reports.


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