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Schmaltz Deli Could Be Relocating from Naperville Location

Possible Relocation

Schmaltz Delicatessen could be relocating its shop from Naperville to Lisle after 16 years of operation in Naperville.

According to the Village of Lisle documents, Schmaltz Restaurant Group is looking to take over a vacant property, previously known as Chinn’s 34th Street Fishery.

If this happens, the deli would only be moving half a mile away to 3011 Odgen Ave. near the Naperville-Lisle border.

Concept design for the inside of possible new location, credit: Schmaltz Restaurant Group

Why Move?

The deli would continue their Schmaltz Express and Schmaltz Deli offerings, but would also be able to focus on a full breakfast, lunch, and dinner sit down experience. The new location also allows for an expanded kitchen and a separate retail area, according to the documents.

Schmaltz also hopes to add a drive-thru window and begin offering bar service at the possible new location.

Some Challenges

According to city documents, the vacant building “has had no reinvestment for several years and will require significant upgrades in order to meet health code and village building code standards and regulations.”

Concept design for the outside of possible new location, credit: Schmaltz Restaurant Group

The village performed a building, electrical, and plumbing pre-inspection of the site on September 18, 2020. Some of the work required includes restaurant and building ADA compliance, complete roof replacement, and constructing a drive-thru lane and window if plans move forward.

Schmaltz is requesting $70,000 from Lisle’s restaurant program grant and $15,000 from their retail build-out program.

A spokesperson from Schmaltz Restaurant Group stresses this plan is still in the early stages and no final decisions have been made yet. A decision on possibly making the move depends on a number of factors, including the Village of Lisle’s decision.

Lisle trustees will discuss the deli’s grant application on Monday at a committee of the whole meeting.

Naperville News 17’s Aysha Ashley Househ reports.


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