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Riverwalk Commission Update

At the latest Riverwalk Commission meeting, the committee was presented a new idea for a local park and focused on remaining financially responsible.

A Naperville Park Police Officer suggested that the fountain at Fredenhagen Park be converted into a musical fountain with nightly shows from May to October.

This suggestion outlined an alternative way to populate Fredenhagen Park in the evenings with a family-friendly water show from 9 to 11pm. Currently the park attracts a teenage audience during this time period.

The idea is under consideration by the Riverwalk Commission, though they are currently focused on limiting expenditures.

Following the city, the Riverwalk Commission has made several budget cuts and put projects on hold due to a lack of funding from the state.

“We’re definitely in a state of maintenance,” said Bill Novack, Director of Transportation Engineering and Development. “We have a few little fill-ins, the 430 South Washington and maybe an extension with the south extension, but those are things that will to have to find a unique funding source or a great donor to come along to make those happen.”

After losing $1.1 million in funding from the state of Illinois in late June, projects including the Riverwalk Eatery and a new park on South Washington Street are currently postponed.

The next Riverwalk Commission meeting is scheduled for October 14th.

Rachel Pierson reports.


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