Recycled Book Pumpkins

October 6, 2017
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The Naperville Public Library has a bookworm craft to kick off this month.

Recycling books to give them a new pumpkin purpose is the theme of the Naper Boulevard Library’s adult program “Recycled Book Pumpkins.”

All it takes is an old book, a few supplies, and some crafty creativity.

“I love being crafty and fall is just my favorite time of year,” said crafter Cindi Goron. “And I had seen one of these recycled book crafts somewhere else, I don’t know it could have been on Pinterest or something, and I could not figure out how they cut all of this and how they made it work and put together so I thought I could come here and try it out. And so far it’s been pretty easy other than a lot of cutting, but yeah it’s been fun!”

Making this orange October decoration starts with two halves of a book and cutting each into a half circle. From there you wet and dye the edges, let it dry, and then form it around your stem, gluing it into place to create your pumpkin. Top it off with a bow or other extras and your craft is complete.

Check out the Naperville Public Library’s website for more autumn-themed events throughout October.

Naperville News 17’s Christine Lena reports.