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Rain and the Riverwalk

Being next to the DuPage river means accounting for rain and occasional flooding, and since Water Street sits along a low flow area, water levels can sometimes reach above the walkway.

Instead of building higher concrete walls, the Riverwalk Commission wanted to maintain the aesthetics of the walkway by using plants that can withstand the water, including honey locusts, elm, and cypress trees.

“There will be increased maintenance responsibilities in this low-flow area like there are in the other low flow areas, where as the plants established, if we experience a washout like we’ve done this year, we very well might have some maintenance routines to get those plants established,” said Geoffrey Roehll, Chairman of the Riverwalk Commission.

As Water Street continues to be built, the commission is focused on creating a pedestrian friendly environment that looks attractive in any weather.

The Riverwalk was recently named the number one attraction to visit by TripAdvisor.

Naperville News 17’s Rachel Pierson reports.


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