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Public Safety Incident Map Soon to be Released in Naperville

The Naperville Police Department is taking steps toward transparency.

Soon they’ll unveil the new online Public Safety Incident Map.

The new website will map out and plot the location, time and date of every police report taken by the department after it’s been filed.

These include 17 criminal incidents like robbery, homicide and arson, as well as three non-criminal offenses.

Commander Jason Arres with the Naperville Police Department says, “It all starts with an officer responding to a call, generating a report number and then completing his or her report. That report then goes through an approval process and once it goes through the approval process it will show up on the map as one of the points you see.”

Created by the city’s IT department, the website is part of the “What Works City” initiative and can help track incidents by day, week or even a year at a time.

“We have a real sense of ownership and partnership in the community so we want to work with them whenever we have a crime problem, make them aware of issues that they may have or may not have, but it’s just an idea of getting this out, being transparent and showing the community what’s going on,” said Arres.

The fire department is also working on a similar map.

The public safety incident map will be released the week of November 28 and can be found as a link on the city’s website.

Naperville News 17’s Alyssa Bochenek reports.


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