Presidential Debate

Millions of Americans tuned in to see President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney take the debate stage for the first time. Voters from both parties tuned in to see what the candidates had to say.

Voters wanted to see more specifics from the candidates. Naperville residents Dan Fouts, an Obama supporter, and Romney supporter Bob Wegner agreed that they wanted to see how the candidates set themselves apart.

The candidates sparred over domestic policy issues. They differentiated themselves on subjects like healthcare reform, how to boost the economy, the national deficit, and tax reform.

Romeny supporter Trish Wegner says the economy is the most important issue to her, “the economy and the job market are issues nationally, but they’re issues in our state and our city as well. We want to hear the plans for who is going to increase the number of jobs.”

By the time the debate comes around most voters already have made up their minds, but that doesn’t make the debate any less important to them. Obama supporter Dave Barnes says he wants to know what is being said to the undecided voters in this country so he can join in on the political discussion.

As for who came out on top, that really depends on whom voters are supporting. But both parties agree Governor Romney had a good performance. Where they disagree is whether it was just that, a performance, or whether he was using facts in his arguments.


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