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Planning Fall Planting

The blooms of summer will soon be no more, leaving space in your garden for some fall foliage.

A perfect way to fill the gaps, a container garden.

“They add a little bit of additional color to the garden with everything else kind of dying back, the perennials are not blooming at this time of the year, so by adding some of the annual color, they add additional color for short term,” said Nancy Dobbs, Container Design Expert with The Growing Place.

Perfect plants for a fall container garden are ones that will hold up well to cooler temperatures. Some examples include cabbages, kales, grasses and sunflowers.

“I’ve put a couple of demonstrations together, we have some colorful peppers, happy face pansies, a beautiful green cabbage and a beautiful rudbeckia here in this fall container,” added Dobbs.

If containers aren’t your go to, now is also the right time to plant trees and shrubs, as the cooler temperatures mean less stress on the plants when ready to grow.

“Usually through the fall, because there’s not as much transpiration, which is the loss of water through the leaves, it’s a great time for plants to get established. Also, even though the tops aren’t growing on the plants, the roots still grow in the fall, which is very important because that gets you one step ahead for next spring, as the roots are establishing themselves,” said Eric Gundersen, Nursery Manager at The Growing Place.

And as far as maintenance goes – it’s pretty simple.

“The only thing you want to do is clean up when the leaves drop, clean up the leaves around the bases of the plants. But really for trimming, you don’t want to do that until maybe late winter, especially like hydrangeas, people want to trim their hydrangeas in the fall but I tell them to leave those, the dry flower heads over the winter, which gives you winter interest,” said Gundersen.

Naperville News 17’s Alyssa Bochenek reports.


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