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Parking Lot Safety

Leaving your car in a lot can also leave opportunities for security hazards as more than one in ten property crimes occur in parking lots, according to the Bureau of Justice.

The Naperville Police Department provided a few tips on how to stay safe and protect your belongings.

“The first thing would be not to leave valuables in open view in a parking lot. If you aren’t going to take your purse with your or a work bag with you, into whatever establishment you’re going into, keep them out of plain sight where someone who might see a crime of opportunity might try open your door or even worse smash out your car window to take out what’s inside the car in plain view,” said Jason Arres, Commander at the Naperville Police Department.

This means placing shopping bags and laptops under the seats or in the trunk of your car. Authorities also recommend parking under lights near elevators and entrances so your vehicle is near foot traffic. And above all, if you see something, say something.

“If you walk out of an establishment and you see suspicious people, or suspicious vehicles, something that doesn’t feel right to you, by all means call the police department and report that activity,” added Arres.

As you head to your car, have your keys ready. Then, get in and don’t linger. Remember these safety tips to keep your car, valuables and yourself safe.

Naperville News 17’s Rachel Pierson reports.


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