Parade Mural Coming to Life

A downtown mural appears to be coming to life.

Nestled between The Gap and Talbot’s on Main Street, you’ll find “Naperville Loves a Parade.” On one wall, there’s a silhouette depiction of parades throughout the 20th century. Across from it are portraits of audience members watching it go by in full color and a few might look familiar.

Residents have paid hundreds of dollars a piece to have their faces painted in the mural which goes towards funding the project.

“The people who are painted on the wall – they’re very active in Naperville. They love their town,” said Diosdado Mondero, the artist leading the project. “They’re willing to do anything to lighten and liven up the town.”

So far there are about 110 finished portraits, including a rendition of town founder Joe Naper himself. This is the 41st piece of the Naperville Century Walk, the group behind all of the city’s public art.

“This is available to the town. It’s public art. It’s available 24/7/365,” said Brand Bobosky, President of the Naperville Century Walk. “We’re going to have it lit so people will truly be able to enjoy this in the days and years ahead.”

Three artists started the audience portion this Spring and have about half of it done. They expect to finish between late 2013 and early 2014.


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