Pancreatic Cancer Walk

A sea of purple recently flooded the Riverwalk for a walk benefiting pancreatic cancer research. Nearly 300 participants of all ages walked for the cause.

“Cancer now unfortunately is affecting all of our families,” said Ann Zediker a Naperville volunteer for the Lustgarten Foundation. “So if we can have an environment where it’s a family-friendly event that we can make money and also educated people at the same time and make it fun and not make it sad, and help the future generations. That’s the goal.”

100 % of the proceeds from the event will go directly to the Lustgarten Foundation.

“We provide funding for the best research projects,” explained Ann Walsh, the Director of Events for the Lustgarten foundation. “And they take place at many institutions Johns Hopkins, M.D. Anderson, MIT, so there are institutions all over the country that gets our funding.”

More than 40 local vendors donated raffle items to add to the fundraising effort.
Walkers with the disease walked alongside their families in hopes of finding a cure.

“It’s one of the leading killers of people now, and it really doesn’t get a whole lot of press,” said Denny Ives, who has the disease. “I’m glad to see this. Maybe more support and more funds will help speed up a recovery.”

“It means so much to us that they’ve been there from the beginning,” said Denny’s wife Jean Ives of their supportive friends and family. “Everyone thought it was a death sentence and it’s not. It’s wonderful that everyone is here to learn about pancreatic cancer and all they can do for it these day.”

This year’s event raised over $46,000 for pancreatic cancer research.


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