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Open Mosque Day

The Islamic Center of Naperville opened its doors and welcomed visitors as part of Open Mosque Day sponsored by the Council of Islamic Organizations of Greater Chicago.

Nine Mosques participated in an opportunity to invite friends and neighbors from different faiths to learn about Islam.

“If they can learn anything about Islam or at least address some of the negative portrayals that they’ve understood or perceptions they have, even if you can give that person some information, which could change them like a percent, or ten percent or five percent that can really help the community,” said ICN member Yusuf Siddiqi.

Over 100 people engaged in interactive booths on different topics like ‘Meet the Imam’, Islamic artifacts and the basics of Islam to help break down common misconceptions about the religion.

The main idea behind Islam is peace. It teaches that the sanctity of life must be honored, respected and preserved.

“What I’ve found about living in this community, and the community at large, is that people are very open minded and if they’re presented with the right sort of thing, if they’re presented with the facts and they can digest them, they can really assimilate and see that this makes a lot of sense, and they’re very accepting as well,” added Siddiqi.

The Islamic Center of Naperville will continue to offer various community outreach events throughout the year.

Naperville News 17’s Rachel Pierson reports.


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