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Open Bike Night in Naperville

It was a night on the town for kids and their bikes.

Naperville’s Safety Town opened up its gates to give kids the chance to ride its streets and learn the rules of bike safety.

Lessons that were taught included riding single file, stopping at stop signs and traffic lights, and the most important rule of all: wearing a properly fitted helmet.

Sydney Zuhn, the site director of Safety Town explained what to look for.

“You want about the helmet to come to about two fingers above the brow, because that means that the helmet is protecting as much of the cranium as possible,” she said.“And then we want the y-straps to come around the ear.”Zuhn says you should check the bottom of the strap by having your child see if they can fit two fingers between the strap and chin, which is about how tight you want it for a good helmet fit.

It’s estimated that approximately 85% of bike-related injuries could be reduced if everyone wore a helmet. Experts stressed the importance of parents wearing them as well, so kids see the proper behavior.

Safety Town will be hosting one more of these open bike nights on Tuesday, August 2 from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.


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