Old Post Office and New Bank

Construction at a historic downtown building is well underway.

Naperville bank and trust bought the old post office building earlier this year and is now completely remodeling it. The new facility will have both a bank and post office.

Since the ceremonial groundbreaking in July, the building’s been demolished from the inside out.

“There’s not much that’s totally complete beside the demolition,” said Jake Doig, Construction Manager at Wight and Company. “The building from before and after’s a lot different cause it’s been totally gutted…the electrical, the mechanical, the plumbing, the walls.”

The latest work includes a lot of outdoor labor, primarily digging out the foundation for a brick paver path and landscape preparation.

“We’re trying to get all the work on the outside substantially complete so we can continue work in the winter on the inside fairly comfortably,” said Doig.

While inside crews are pouring the cement base for the floor and removing bricks from the previous demolition.

“It’s fun to see it all kind of coming together,” said Tom Miers, President of Naperville Bank and Trust. “It’s like an artist painting a canvas. Every time I come here, there’s a little bit more done.”

Crews are working hard to preserve much of the original post-office built in 1939.

“14ft ceilings, the simplistic trim…We’re going to reuse the existing marble that was used,” said Jeff Leitz, Vice President of Commercial Architecture for Charles Vincent George Architecture, Inc. “We’re trying to revitalize or recapture the greatness that was built in 1939.”

Besides a post office and bank, the construction will make way for a kids area, artifact display, and a large conference room.

“We see it as kind of a gathering spot,” said Miers. “People can come in, do their needs through the post office, do their banking, have a cup of coffee and just use it as kind of a center.

Project leaders say so far, the construction is on time and within the $3-million budget. The post office portion is due to open in early February, while the bank should open in late March.


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