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New Library App

The Naperville Public Library just launched their brand new mobile app, loaded with convenient, user friendly features.

“It’s a one time authentication, and you just put in your barcode and your pin number and you don’t have to keep inputting it, so it has you account information in it,” said Mary Rogers, Multimedia Associate at the Naperville Public Library.

That means even if you forget your card at home, you can still check out books.

Available for all iPhone, Android and Amazon devices, the free app also allows users to look up events, check book availability and even bring the library’s downloadable content, like movies and music, to their own devices.

This new app replaces the library’s previous one.

To download the free app, search Naperville Public Library 2016 in the Apple or Google Play store.

Naperville News 17’s Evan Summers reports.


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