New Fitness Facility

Benedictine University now has a state of the art fitness facility. Students, faculty and community members recently had the opportunity to see nearly $7 million worth of renovations at the Dan and Ada Rice Center.

The most recent updates include a new fitness center, sports medicine training facility, Pilates and Yoga studio and an office area.

“It’s an arms races a lot of times for facilities in an undergraduate experience,” said John Morris, Associate Vice President for Advancement. “Now we feel like we have a place we have a lot of pride in. You’ll see our logo everywhere around here. We’re very proud of it, we hope our campus is proud of it, we hope our alumni are proud of it, and we hope are students are proud of it.”

“I think it’s pretty awesome,” said Matthew McWilliams, senior at Benedictine University. “When I came in as a freshman this wasn’t even thought of, the weight room was like the size of the dance room downstairs. So it’s pretty cool that they have all the stuff now here for the kids.”

Crews began construction on the building in 2009 with a new basketball court. The Dan and Ada Rice Center first opened back in 1977.


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