NCHS Distinguished Alumni

The Naperville Central High School class of 2013 gathered today to honor distinguished alumni that came before them.
Four Central alumni were recognized for their personal and professional accomplishments since graduation and shared words of advice to the soon to be grads.

Honored from the class of 1979 was Dave Linne who is the current vice president of content creation for ConAgra foods. Linne’s claim to fame included working on many advertising campaigns including the creation of “Mini” from the Kellogg Frosted Mini Wheat commercials.

Robert Mazurek from the class of 1983 was honored for his work in music and art, but couldn’t attend due a work conflict.

Courtney Clark, from the class of 1997, is a cancer survivor who used her own struggles to drive her passion for hands on philanthropy and is currently a candidate for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s “Woman of the Year.”

“There’s a lot of power in following your dreams,” said Clark. “There’s a lot of power in being able to adapt when life throws a challenge in your path. There is power in being able to get a new plan along the way.”

And from the class of 1992, Dr. Sudip Bose. As a physician in the army, Dr. Bose served one of the longest deployments for doctor since World War II and treated Saddam Hussein after his capture in 2003.

For his work, Bose earned a bronze star and is currently an emergency physician in Texas.

This is the 17th year Central has recognized distinguished alumni.

The four honorees will now join more than 60 others in the wall of fame inside the school.


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