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Naperville’s Concerts In Your Park

As summer hits Naperville, neighborhood parks become part of the local music scene.

Every year, the park district holds polls to decide which parks and music style will be chosen for their “Concerts in Your Park” series.

Thanks to the efforts of the Timber Creek neighborhood, they saw country group Wild Daisy perform in their own backyards.

“Well we live in the neighborhood and I was really excited when the park district was looking for nominations for this year’s series,” said Colleen Johnson, resident of Timber Creek. “I was a big proponent of getting all the neighbors rallied on Facebook to vote for this so that we could get the concert here in the park, and we were all excited that we won!”

The concert in Timber Creek was just one of six shows that the park district brings to six different neighborhood parks as a part of the series.

The shows each feature a different band, and with genres ranging from pop and rock to country or even jazz, there’s sure to be something for everybody to move their feet to.

Brittany Malatt, program manger at the Naperville Park District says, “We just like giving opportunity of different types of entertainment throughout Naperville, and I think this is a good way to do that. People can come out and enjoy all different types of music.”

The shows take place on Sunday nights at seven and are free of charge.

For a list of performers and concert dates visit the park districts website:

Naperville News 17’s Jeff Ohmer, Blane Erwin and Brittany Karlin report.


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