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Naperville’s 203 Has New Report Cards

Most people are familiar with traditional letter grades, but District 203 wants to give more insight into students actual level of comprehension.

“Grading practices have traditionally mixed achievement, effort and habits of students. Stake holders such as parents are typically unaware how much a student knows in a certain content area or how hard they work on that goal. In many cases, the grader, rather than the learning, has become the goal,” said Tim Wierenga, Assistant Superintendent of Assessment and Analytics for District 203.

That’s why officials in District 203 are planning to move to a standards based report of student achievement, focused on learning content and process.

“Content standards articulate what students should know and are able to do academically. An example of a content standard is that students demonstrate understanding of the main message or topic in language arts or English,” said Jayne Willard, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction for District 203.

This is measured from one to four, with one signifying a beginning level of proficiency and four exceeding expectations.

The second factor looks at a student’s frequency of behavior.

Willard explains, “process standards report on how a student is learning. For example, the student is organized so he or she is ready to learn.”

Those are measured by how engaged in learning a behavior a student is, either seldom, occasional or consistent.

“By reporting out on academic and learning behaviors separately, it ensures that our grades accurately reflect what we are truly measuring,” said Willard.

This report card has been piloted at Beebe and Kingsley, with plans for full implementation at the elementary level this coming school year.

While 203 plans to roll out these report cards at the junior high and high school levels in the next few years, GPA’s will not be affected, as those students will still also receive letter grades.

The board also approved course changes for Naperville North and Central, which will take effect in the 2017-18 school year.

Naperville News 17’s Evan Summers reports.



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