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Naperville Township Tax Cuts

At their latest meeting, the Naperville Township board voted to reduce the tax levy by $200,000, or 10.3%.

This tax cut was achieved without sacrificing any services. Instead, it was achieved by increasing efficiency and reducing administrative and personnel costs, including the reduction of the salaries for elected officials.

The board has been working on implementing this tax cut for about four months.

“What we did as a board was to make sure that the savings we have identified became sustainable,” said Rachel Ossyra, Supervisor of the Naperville Township. “They become sustainable when we actually cut the tax levy, which cannot be changed except through referendum.”

Further tax cuts to Naperville Township residents may come next year in the form of an abatement, a one-time tax cut that is considered every year.

The overall tax levy was reduced from $1.94 million to $1.74 million, the lowest it’s been in ten years.

Naperville News 17’s Blane Erwin reports.


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