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Naperville to Test Residential Pipes for Lead

The City of Naperville will begin testing homes for lead water pipe service lines.

About 800 residents on the northeast side of town were notified by letter that their water would be tested for lead.

This in an effort to catalog private infrastructure to determine if residential lines could have lead pipes.

“Clearly we understand our infrastructure that we put in place in roadways, streets, the water mains, but once they get connected to a household, that certain line is part of the private property so we need to come into homes and check if it’s a lead service line,” said Linda LaCloche, Communications Manager with the City of Naperville.

The City itself has stopped using lead in their public infrastructure in the 1920’s. The current tests would check homes that were built around that time.

High levels of lead in a household have known to have negative health effects.

The tests take about ten minutes and require an adult to be home at the time of the test.

Naperville News 17’s Alyssa Bochenek reports.


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