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Naperville Schools React to the SAT Switch

In early February, the Illinois State Board of Education rejected ACT’s protest of a proposed switch to the SAT. This means the board will now move forward in contract negotiations with SAT.

The change came as a surprise to many local students, as the ACT has been offered free of charge in schools for many years.

However, administrators at both District 203 and 204 have begun work to ensure students will be prepared for the new exam.

“The reaction for us in future thinking is we’ve got to start planning now, how can we best prepare the students now for the sat because it appears that at least by next year, the students who are juniors will be given an sat during school,” said Tim Wierenga, Assistant Superintendent for Assessment and Analytics for District 203.

Administrators also encourage students and parents to not worry too much about the change in test.

“We’re excited about change and real interested in looking at how this will reflect how well we’re doing with kids academically in schools. I think honestly kids adjust quickly and kids that take school seriously and work hard will do fine,”said Patrick Nolten, Executive Director of Assessment, Research and Evaluation for District 204.

Though the state is on board with the SAT, the budget impasse means they are not sure if they can fund it. That’s why both districts have opted to provide an ACT test free of charge to current juniors, to ensure all students have the opportunity to take a college readiness exam.

All students can choose to take either test outside of school, paying out of pocket.

Naperville News 17’s Evan Summers reports.


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