Naperville Residents

Naperville residents recently denied an upcoming ballot question that proposes amending the Constitution.

A local branch of the Move to Amend group had called for a special meeting at Naper Settlement for residents to vote on adding this question to the November ballot:

“Should the United States Constitution be amended to clearly state that only individual persons, and not corporations, associations, or any other organizational entities, are entitled to the rights enumerated in the Constitution?”

Move to Amend is a national group formed in 2009 to help promote social and economic justice. They took issue with the January 2010 Supreme Court Citizens United vs. Federal Election Commission decision, which allowed corporations many of the same rights as individuals.

The ruling found that independent political contributions from corporations were free from government restriction.

Move to Amend objects to this notion, feeling that allowing such contributions could overly influence elections.

“We don’t have our voice anymore as individual people, and we need to get our voice back into this democracy. The Constitution states ‘We the People, not ‘We the Corporations,” said Move to Amend group member Holly Scholz.

After a short discussion at Naper Settlement, voters were not in favor and voted 31-16 against the measure.

“I’m very disappointed in the outcome of the vote, and with the citizens of Naperville township. Its unfortunate that more people didn’t come out tonight to support this,” said DuPage Country Green Party member Steve Alesch.

Though rejected in Naperville, several towns in Illinois will have the advisory question on ballots this November.


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