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Naperville Pups, Follow Our Lead

Armed with treats and a clicker, trainer Rachel Fein uses positive reinforcement to train her canines.

“Positive reinforcement, basically exactly what it sounds like, we’re using treats and we’re using things that the dog likes to reinforce the behaviors that we actually want them to do. So we concentrate on teaching them what to do as opposed to correcting them for doing the wrong things,” said Rachel Fein, Owner and Head Trainer with Cloud K9 Academy.

Starting with the basics is always best; moving from sit, to down.

Fein explains, “Down is the same as the sit, you’re going to wait for the dog to offer that position, once they do, you just click and toss a treat. Once a dog realizes that it get reinforced for the position, they’ll start offering it more.”

But it’s not just the dogs who need training.

“90 percent of my job is actually teaching the owners, not the dog, the dog especially with clicker training catches on very, very quickly, so it’s really just a matter of making sure the owners are being consistent and actually doing the work with the dog,” said Fein.

Try going over a new trick for five minutes a few times each day, as practice makes perfect!

Naperville News 17’s Evan Summers reports.



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