Naperville Now 11-08-17

November 8, 2017
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Cell Tower at Springbrook:

A 130-foot cell tower will be coming to the Springbrook Golf Course near Naper Aero Estates. In a 7-2 vote last night, the Naperville City Council approved a conditional use permit for its construction. A representative of Verizon says the tower will fill a gap in cell coverage and that T-Mobile has already expressed interest in co-locating on the tower. Councilwomen Becky Anderson and Rebecca Boyd-Obarski voted no, saying they feel open spaces need to be protected.

Moser Tower Update:

The Riverwalk Commission gave an update about Moser Tower at today’s meeting. Currently, a second round of investigation is being conducted on the 160-foot deteriorating structure. New non-destructive and destructive tests like core-samples are being done, and drones were used to conduct a visual survey of the tower. All of the data gathered will be put together in a new report coming next summer, to help determine if the tower should be repaired or removed. In the meantime, Moser Tower is safe and will continue operating as normal.

Small Cell Wireless Bill Opposition:

The mayor of Naperville, eight other area mayors, and several county board members are opposing a bill in Springfield that would regulate small cell wireless installations across the state. That’s because the bill would not allow local governments to regulate small cell wireless installations, which includes where they are located and how many would be allowed in one spot. Mayor Steve Chirico says he does not oppose the technology but he does want local governments to be involved in the process. The bill will next head to the Illinois Senate.

Naperville North Bowling:

A day after Naperville Central held its inaugural boys bowling match, Naperville North travelled to Parkside Lanes to face Oswego for the program’s first ever match. Oswego East had an impressive, balanced team performance, taking the win after scoring nearly 3000 as a team. But the Huskies showed early season promise, led by senior Josh Martin who led all bowlers with an impressive 614 series, averaging more than 200 per game. The Huskies continue their season next Monday and will face Naperville Central in November 30th.