Naperville Marathon’s Sponsor

The city’s upcoming marathon and half marathon in the fall now have an official sponsor.

Today race directors joined Mayor Pradel, City Manager Doug Krieger, and Edward Hospital staff at the Edward Health and Fitness Center to unravel the start banner and reveal that the hospital is the title sponsor for both races.

“When you’re looking for a race sponsor, you’re looking for someone who can bring a sense of community in a race,” said Bob Hackett, Co-Director for the now-named Edward Hospital Marathon and Half Marathon. “You’re looking for somebody who can have a long-term effect on a race and really a part of the hometown. So when you look at that, there’s no one better than Edward Hospital and we’re delighted.”

“We love health and fitness so a marathon concept was a perfect tie in to healthcare, and we thought we’d be the best sponsor. So we’re really excited about our new role,” said Pam Davis, President and CEO of Edward Hospital.

Edward Hospital has signed a three-year agreement for the sponsorship. On race day, the organization will have physicians standing by, in case any of the 3,500 runners need medical attention. It will also host a fitness expo the two days leading up to the race, when participants can pick up their packets and check out exhibitors featuring the latest in running shoes and other gear.

“The excitement is that we can extend our reach beyond our members in the fitness center and beyond our employees to the public at large and really try and make a difference in health,” said Davis.

In addition to gaining sponsors, event organizers also have the 26-mile and 13-mile routes approved from the city council. But there’s still a bit of fine-tuning left.

“We’ll be finalizing a lot of the accommodations for the runners,” said Hackett. “We’ll be prepping more with the local merchants, making sure there’s a coordinated effort, making sure they’re as involved as they can be and want to be because this really is a big boom for the city.”

The races will kick off on Sunday, November 10th, starting and finishing at North Central College.


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